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Mouthoumet Church

I am still unsure as to what the importance is of the 14 Stations of the Cross in Sauniere's Mary Magdalene church and the part they play in the Mystery, but I suspect they are connected in some way. When Pat, a friend and fellow researcher into the mystery, informed me that a church in Mouthoumet, about 15 km from the village of Rennes-le-Chateau, had similar Stations of the Cross to Sauniere's, I decided to investigate.

Pat sent me some photographs of the Stations and I also visited Mouthoumet church in January 2007.

To get to Mouthoumet you follow the D613 direction towards and past Arques, after about 15 km you arrive at Mouthoumet. The church is easy to find as there is only one road that runs through the tiny village. Park by the cafe/bar and you will see an arched entrance in the wall opposite. Walk through this arch and you will see the church.

Access to the church is through an old stone archway

The village was deserted but luckily, unlike many of the churches around Rennes-le-Chateau, Mouthoumet church was open.  I just had to lift the latch on the small gate and enter.

Mouthoumet Church

Church interior looking towards the entrance from behind the altar


Mouthoumet Stations of the Cross

For comparison purposes, I have used images of some of the more well known Stations of the Cross from Mouthoumet that are a closest match to Saunière's Stations, others show less of a resemblance and you can see them all compared to the Rennes-le-Château and Couiza Stations, side by side HERE

RLC Station 1

Rennes-le-Chateau Station of the Cross 1

Mouthoumet Station 1

Mouthoumet Station of the Cross 1

As you can see, at first glance, Station 1 appears identical to Sauniere's Station 1. Even some of the colours are similar.

Ignoring the background, the distance between Jesus and the man with his arm raised is different and part of the soldier on the left has been cut off, but apart from this they do seem to be identical. Even the folds in the various garments are the same. I doubt that both Stations were taken from the same mould but it does prove that this particular design is not exclusive to Sauniere's Church.

RLC Station 8Rennes-le-Chateau Station of the Cross 8

RLC Station 8

Mouthoumet Station of the Cross 8

Again we have a more or less identical design, except for the missing figure on the right and the lady dressed in orange on the left is different. More of her hands can be seen in the Mouthoumet Station. The colours again are similar to those of Sauniere's Station 8. The baby is not wrapped in tartan in the Mouthoumet version.

RLC Station 14Rennes-le-Chateau Station of the Cross 14

RLC Station 14

Mouthoumet Station of the Cross 14

The differences here are the two women standing on the left, the rocky background and no moon. Colours are not similar in this Station. Apart from these differences the two Stations do look the same.

Most of the Mouthoumet Stations are in good condition but some have deteriorated badly over the years.

mouthoumet-10     mouthoumet 11

Mouthoumet Stations 10 and 11

When Sauniere's Station designs are compared with the ones in Mouthoumet and Couiza, the Mouthoumet Stations are a better match.

Click HERE to see the Stations compared side by side.

Stations of the Cross frames

Mouthoumet and Rennes-le-Chateau Station frames



The Altar

Mouthoumet Altar

Mouthoumet Altar

Inlaid into the top of the Altar is a Rose Marble plinth similar to the one in Serres church which is set into the floor.


Mouthoumet Altar plinth and Serres floor marble insert

font    Mouthoumet Painting

Rose Marble Font and a Painting labelled - Donne par l'Empereur (1860 as far as I can tell from the damaged date)


Stained Glass Windows


The Lamb of God




Saint Antoine de Padoue and Therese de l'enfant Jesus

Mary   Jesus  

Mary, Jesus and St. Antoine Ermite

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