The Douzet's Tombs - Fact or Fiction?

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Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar by Ben Hammott

Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar Book


Bloodline DVD

This incredible DVD release of Bloodline includes an EXTENDED INTERVIEW with NICOLAS HAYWOOD from the PRIORY OF SION, an interview with DIRECTOR BRUCE BURGESS and never-before-seen DELETED SCENES. Also featured on this special DVD release is the THEATRICAL TRAILER and an in-depth COMMENTARY from the Director and Producer.

Running Time: 113 minutes. Unrated.

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BLOODLINE Movie info

Bloodline is doing so well certain cinemas are extending for an extra week.

Portland showtimes - EXTENDED 1 week!

Yelm showtimes - EXTENDED 1 week!

BLOODLINE continues to have success at the box office as it is scheduled to hold for an additional week at the Monica 4-Plex in Santa Monica, giving fans another week to see this thought provoking film.  Gaining momentum in Southern California, the South Coast Village in Santa Ana has announced they will begin running the film starting Friday, June 6.

In Los Angeles, BLOODLINE will now be shown at Laemmle's Monica 4-Plex (1332 2nd Street, Santa Monica) May 30th-June 5th. The film will also start playing at Regency South Coast Village (1561 W Sunflower Ave, Santa Ana) June 6th.
Don't forget BLOODLINE will premiere in Washington at Yelm Cinemas (201 Prairie Park St. Yelm, WA) June 27th-July 3rd!
We are currently working on releasing BLOODLINE in the following cities: Chicago IL, Phoenix AZ, Sedona AZ, Portland OR, Dallas TX, Minneapolis MN, and Seattle WA. If you live near one of those cities, start posting on local websites and blog and let your friends know about this must-see film!


The Film everyone is talking about !

The crowds continue to come in to the screens in New York City and Hollywood, and we open at the Laemmle Santa Monica 4-plex on Friday 23rd, with more cities opening next week.

- Stacy Gualandi, Fox 5 News

"If the Catholic Church fumed over the 'The Da Vinci Code' wait until it gets a load of 'Bloodline', an AMBITIOUS, sharply INTRIGUING documentary..."
- Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

- Roseanne Barr

“So people will call it CONTROVERSIAL, I call it INTRIGUING and FASCINATING…it’s the kind of picture you will be talking about long after you leave the theater.”
- Sandy Kenyon, WABC, New York

"RIVETING...the year's MUST TALK- ABOUT film !"
- Kev Lewin, WENN

- Henry Senecal, Campus Circle Magazine

"A discovery that could prove to be one of the most EXPLOSIVE and CONTROVERSIAL of the century…"
- Elizabeth Snead,

"UNPARALLELED REVELATIONS deposed front and center render the picture A GEM that unpretentiously swings for the fences and lands in the alleyways the next town over.…FOUR STARS”
- Mathew Nestel,

“ROLLICKING…GOOD DRAMA…a GROUNDBREAKING work on a story that can possibly change the future of our world.”

- Greg Kaczynski, SOCAL.COM

“a cloak and dagger mystery, complete with secret passages and ancient scrolls..”
- Robert Holguin, ABC7 News, Los Angeles

“a fascinating film that dares to ask the questions whose answers unsettle so many.”
- Todd Havens,

Public Comments on the Film

Posted on May 19 2008 13:46 Kevin said... " This movie has challenged the very beliefs of the people in the world. there is so much truth that peoples first reactions is often to call it a hoax or fake but if people would take two seconds to open your mind and then it is so simple to see that there is truth obvious truth."


Posted on May 18 2008 20:11 Christian Lekoy said... "Bruce Burgess' film Bloodline has finally blown the lid off the conversation of Mary and Jesus of history! This controversial subjects is treated with reverence and respect and asks us to simply open our minds to the possibility that Jesus and Mary were married and had children. Those who question the authenticity of the film and the artifacts discovered in the process of its making, can look to prominent Israeli archaeologist, Dr. Gabriel Barkai, from Bar Ilan University, who has not only inspected the artifacts, but confirmed that they are real. It is a must see for anyone willing to be enlightened, entertained and engaged. Bruce Burgess is a modern-day Indiana Jones who has masterfully continued the conversation where the Da Vinci Code left us off."


Posted on May 14 2008 10:51 John Seymore said... "I thought the film was great, had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I can see how the film's content may upset those of a religious nature but isn't it about time the Vatican came clean about what really happened between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
I actually went to see another movie but there was such a buzz in the cinema about this film I brought a ticket for Bloodline instead. Yes some of the archaeology is a bit amateurish, but just imagine the excitement they must have been feeling at the time when making these discoveries. I went again with 3 of my friends from work and they all loved the film. I thought the film was very interesting and in places exciting and at times a little spooky, well worth seeing. Its not perfect but well worth the ticket price."


IMDb - Internet Movie Database

Public Comments

Suspenseful, shocking, and brilliant!, 8 April 2008
Author: cinemactivist from United States

One Giant Step Forward, 18 May 2008
Author: filmfangal from United States

Bloodline is an amazing film, 14 May 2008
Author: iamafunkymonkey from United States

Bloodline Movie Film and Press Conference Clips

A selection of interviews with some of those involved in the Bloodline film.

Vatican Attacks the Bloodline Movie - Utube Video

Bloodline the movie official Blog with lots of links to film interviews, etc

Bloodline on Asian TV

yep. it's true. the weekend box office numbers are in and we are officially the highest grossing film at both the Sunset Laemmle Cinema in Los Angeles AND the Village East Cinema in New York City.

Bruce Burgess
1244 Films

 Here's what director Bruce Burgess has been up to:

Bruce was on ABC's Eye Witness News, click here to watch.

BLOODLINE was featured on NY1 News, click here to watch

On Tuesday May 27th, Bruce was on KXLU's (88.9FM Los Angeles) Center Stage with Mark Gordon.

Bruce was on Fox and Friends with Father Jonathan Morris via satellite from the Vatican. Click here to watch.

Bruce was a guest on "Nightline" and "Good Morning America". You can watch the interviews online now: "Nightline" and "Good Morning America".

Bruce was on The Wiseguy Show with Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy of the Sopranos).

Last week and Monday, Bruce was on the Joey Reynolds show. Click here to listen to the 5/7 show and the 5/12 show.

On 5/5 we had a press conference in NYC at the Jewish Museum to present the facts behind the discovery of the tomb and plans for excavation with the DRAC, the analysis of the mitochondrial DNA from the hair strand from the corpse and 1st century artifacts found in the buried wooden box.  Experts on hand included: Dr Gabriel Barkay from Bar Ilan University in Jerusalem who analyzed and dated the finds; retired Scotland Yard Homicide Detective, Colin Taylor, who investigated the murder of one the French priests connected to the discoveries; Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe, an Anglican priest and long-time researcher of this mystery; and The Right Reverend Shelby Spong, the former Bishop of Newark.  You can watch the conference on UStream now.


Douzet's Tombs - Fact or Fiction?

New link added: Tomb 2 Entrance

There has been a lot of discussion lately on whether the 'Tombs' Douzet says he has discovered by identifying the landscape on his 'Sauniere's Model' to the Perillos landscape, are genuine or a hoax. Now I am no stranger to these same sort of accusations myself, usually by those with their own agenda to protect, and they will be answered in due course, but to help you come to your own conclusion on the truth about the 'Douzet Tombs' here is some information and links for you to use.

As reported on Andrew Gough's Arcadia Forum, a new website,, reveals an investigation by Pascal Guillaumes, founder of the Chronodrome experience, on a strange rock anomaly in the landscape near Perillos that seems to have been previously declared by Andre Douzet as the rock blocking the entrance to his Tomb 1 which he allegedly discovered from the details in Sauniere's Model.

New website claims to have found Tomb 1, incl Pics and Video

And when the round rock anomaly is compared to the unofficially released image of Douzet's Tomb 1 entrance it is easily apparent they are one and the same.

(Top) Video Image      -     ( Bottom) Round Rock Anomaly near Perillos

The released Video Image was distorted making the stone more oval, I have turned it back into a circle as it would originally have looked.

Original distorted video image

The Tomb 1 entrance was first revealed in a leaked copy of the Tellus Film documentary. According to Stefan Friedrich the film's producer, the video of the Tomb 1 entrance which the image was taken from, was shot by Andre Douzet to keep the location a secret, and then given to him to be used in the film with the proviso the tomb 1 footage would be altered to make it less recognizable and so less easy to find, which was duly done. (see above image) But later, after some consideration Douzet, for some reason, changed his mind, forcing the production company to cut the scenes because Douzet wanted to make his own documentary to reveal the tombs, which he still hasn't done as of May 2008, 2 years after the Tellus documentary was made, but then I know how long these things take so perhaps it has or is being filmed.

Scenes from the Tomb of Christ Documentary

Tomb of Christ Trailer 1

Tomb of Christ Trailer 2

From the Tomb of Christ Website - Bottom left corner is a small picture of the Tomb 1 entrance scene.

Douzet from the Tomb of Christ Documentary

Andre Douzet pointing at a painting detail

Below is an extract from the Perillos website where Fillip tries to match the al ledged 'Sauniere model' with the garden of Rennes-le-Chateau. He informs us that the round stone near Perillos, which Douzet states is the tomb 1 entrance, was shown at 2 meetings but as yet, strangely it has not appeared on Douzet and Fillip's Perillos website? It probably never will now.

The tomb of Christ by Fillip Coppens

"Mark 16 talks about Mary Magdalene finding Jesus’ tomb open, the stone rolled away. Remarkably, when André Douzet discovered the location of what Saunière had identified as “the Tomb of Christ” on the model, near Perillos, he found an intact tomb – with the stone not rolled away, but firmly in place. In 2004, delegates to the Frontier Symposium were able to see a photograph of this location; most recently, in March 2007, delegates to the Saunière Society Conference in Newbattle Abbey could see the same image. Again, we have a further “inversion”: an open versus a closed tomb, with the model having the “closed tomb”..."

From Andrew Gough's forum about the picture of the distorted Tomb 1 stone image.

Picture of Sauniere's Model Tomb 1 Revealed

"After nearly 13 years, a picture of what Sauniere allegedly called the Tomb of Christ has been revealed.

The picture below depicts the tomb that Andre Douzet claims to have discovered in a rocky outcrop in Perillos; an area featured on 'Sauniere's Model'. I learned in my interview with Douzet that the tomb was not so much discovered as called-out in a letter that Sauniere exchanged with the model builders. The first 10 lines of the letter were published for the first time in the inteview (see 17 Questions).

The image represents a 2 meter rock slab blocking an arched entrance to a tomb, or so we are led to believe. This is the site that Sauniere called the Tomb of Christ (again, according to Douzet).

For those who may not be familiar, this is a picture that has only been shown at a conference or two in the past, and then only for a few seconds."

So the al ledge "tomb 1" photo was not available for examination but it seems it was just probably held up by Douzet quickly for his audience to see from afar without making out any of its details.

So is this round stone an entrance to Douzet's Tomb 1 as he seems to have stated in the documentary, brandished quickly at two meetings, etc, or just un unusual rock formation?

Frame from the Opoul website video which shows its size

Douzet described this round rock blocking the Tomb 1 entrance as 2 meters across, as you can see, it is in reality a lot smaller.

If you watch the website's video you will see that the the 'round stone' formation is just that, unusual definitely, but it is not an entrance of any kind and certainly not to a tomb.

Video Link

The former producer of the 'Tomb of Christ' documentary was contacted and he said he had known about this stone story for about a year.

" Everything was faked!"

He added that, "the sarcophagus you can see on the film was filmed in Northern-France and shows a 'Sun-Templars' burial place from the middle of the 20th century!
Andre Douzet was told a story by an old man living in Opoul, who told him about 2 tombs, the one of Joseph and one of someone called Ramon! When Andre Douzet acquired the marquette he made up this Jesus tomb story!"

Below is an extract posted on Conspiracy 09-08-2007 where it seems Douzet attempted to identify the Ramon mentioned to him by the Opoul villager.

"Mr. Douzet's theories have the most remarkable fluidity - try challenging one of his "facts" by asking for the documentary evidence he claims to possess, and see how quickly his story changes!

I still laugh myself silly over the fabulous "find" of an ancient statuette of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet he "unearthed" near Rennes-le-Chateau, which he gave as a gift to Stella Maris [Robin Crookshank Hilton]. Smelling a rat, Stella turned it over to a British Museum expert on Egyptian antiquities who quickly pronounced it to be a mass-produced modern souvenir most likely acquired at an airport duty-free shop!

And after tantalizing us all for the last two years with this "ground breaking evidence" of the existence of the hidden tomb at Perillos of: a)Jesus Christ, b) Joseph of Arimathea, and c) the legendary "Babaos" monster, he's finally revealed that the mysterious tomb ACTUALLY holds the mortal remains of the 17th century Order of Malta Grand Master Ramon de Perellos Roccafull, and that "agents" of the SMOM have contracted with him for 25,000 euros to dig him up! When it was pointed out to Mr. Douzet very recently that the artistically stunning and rather famous tomb of Perellos Roccafull is in the Order's church in Valetta, Malta - and that actual knights of the SMOM would most likely know this - he sputtered on about conspiracies to defame him while declaring he had "secret doucments" to prove his assertions - which, if history repeats itself, will amount to nothing just like all his claims do. The mind is left to wonder what lucky candidate he'll place in that tomb on the next go-round..."

TCP [Timothy Carmain]
: 09-08-2007: Conspiracy


Sauniere's Model - Perillos or Jerusalem?

What Douzet describes as Sauniere's Model of the Perillos landscape

The Two Twinned Excavation models or Maquettes that were used as a classroom teaching aid by Professor Enrico Galbiati to explain the before and after excavation sites carried out at the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

The model Douzet reports as being of Perillos, if it is a match for the one shown above, as it seems to be, then it would be the pre- excavation landscape model. (Left) This seems to be confirmed by the model's lable.

Etat Primitif (Primitive State)

With primitive state meaning how the Jerusalem landscape looked before the changes were made and that are shown on its twin as per the above model illustration.

Book review from the web of Saunière’s model and the Secret of Rennes-le-Château by Andre Douzet.

"I found the purpose of this book difficult to comprehend - I still have no idea just what it is that Douzet expects readers to come away with. Douzet goes to great lengths to persuade readers that a topographical model, one of a set of two models showing excavations of the site of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, is actually a model of the area near the ruined village of Perillos in
France. The trouble is, it bears no physical resemblance whatsoever to the topography around Perillos when compared to IGN maps. Also, the mate to the model, long held in the possession of the late Biblical archaeologist Monsignor Enrico Galbiati, is known to archaeologists, and is unquestionably that of the excavations of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Douzet fails to explain adequately why a matched set of models - before and after views of a well-known excavation site - are in fact two separate places on different continents. In addition, Douzet's account of the history of the Perillos family is sorely lacking in authenticity. A descendant of the family, known to Douzet's publisher, tried working with Douzet to make some sense out of the theories, but gave up in frustration, citing Douzet's inability to comprehend simple historical points and unwilling to part with hypotheses that were at odds with historical records. Douzet is similarly unclear about what "secrets" Perillos holds. He has, at various times, claimed the ghost town as the secret burial place of both Jesus Christ and Joseph of Arimathea, and most recently of the Order of Malta Grand Master Ramon Perellos Roccafull - whose marble sarcophagus, a well-known masterpiece of Baroque sculpture, lies in the Cathedral of the Order in Valetta, Malta. I found this book poorly researched, poorly footnoted, and really difficult to read. I still don't understand the point of it."

According to Fillip Coppens, a staunch Douzet supporter, the Perillos 'Tomb or Tombs', of Douzet's have not been reported to the DRAC, which is very strange and perhaps a little suspicious, when Fillip, and others, have insisted I must  report my tomb to the DRAC, even when this has already been done months ago, and not just for a quote for the film as some have said, that came months later. DRAC representatives have been to the Tomb site, whatever those with their own agenda are saying to the contrary. These details and other actions currently being taken will be revealed in due course when it is appropriate and not when certain people demand it, or turn up at the DRAC offices demanding information about something that is for the time being private and confidential. It would be a very stupid thing for us to do to announce that the DRAC are involved if they are not as it is only with their involvement that the Tomb excavation can go ahead. Understandably there has to be a certain amount of secrecy in this project until the tomb has been excavated. But please be patient a while longer. There are many preparations to make, it is not just a case of digging a hole, the best way into the tomb through the rock has to be decided so the artifacts inside suffer no more damage. Equipment and security of the site has to be arranged, experts contacted and their time for the task ahead allocated, etc, etc. Also a way has to be decided to get all of the equipment needed to the site and then the arrangements for the safe removal of the corpse and the Tomb artifacts, to a place of safely and conservation. It is a far from simple task as for the area this is a unique situation and discovery and it must be handled with due care and taken one step at a time.



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