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Bram is a commune of France, in the department of Aude, and the region of Languedoc-Roussillon. The inhabitants are les Bramais. Bram is part of the old province of Lauragais, and is 790 km from Paris. There are around 3,000 residents of Bram. The CD33 road to the village follows the Roman road, the Romans settling in the area because of a climate which balanced the warmth of the Mediterranean with the freshness of the Atlantic. In 60BCE, they began construction of Bram and called it Eburomagus. Roman remains suggest the town was less round than the current town. Eburomagus disappeared.

The modern town was born in the 12th century, built around its fortress church.The only way into the village was by a gate to the east. There were 142 houses. Bram was a centre of Cathar belief, a divergence from conventional Roman Catholicism. Their difference from Rome brought the intervention of Simon de Montfort who, following a Spanish monk who became St Dominic, besieged the town in 1210. He succeeded in three days and took revenge on resistants by cutting off the top lip of all his prisoners and gouging out the eyes of all but one. For the last he gouged out only one eye so that he could lead the others out of the town to the château of Lastours .


By the 17th century Bram had outgrown its walls and expanded in concentric circles.


Bram Church 1950 and Entrance to Bram Church 2010


Jesus & John Statue from Bram Church (left) and Rennes-le-Chateau Church (right)

Although John is looking in a different direction, and a few other slight differences, the two pieces of very similar looking artworks both portray the same theme of John anointing Jesus.

The Alpha and Omega symbols are also present on both statues.

Another similar feature to something in Bérenger Saunière's Rennes-le-Château church is the Bas-relief surrounds.

Bram Church Bas-relief panels

Rennes-le-Chateau Church Altar Bas-relief

Holy Water Stoup in Bram Church

Holy Water Stoup in Bram Church

Grateful thanks for Pat and Andrea for the Bram Photographs

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