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I am pleased to announce on 9th September 2009 I sold the 1000th copy of my book LOST TOMB OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR.

In publishing circles this is just a drop in the ocean of book sales, but to me it is a great achievement. When I first published the book I thought I may sell 100 copies, perhaps 200, but I never imagined I would sell 1000 and counting. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has bought a copy of my book. Thank you very much.

Ben Hammott

If you have enjoyed reading my book please tell your friends, workmates or anyone you meet walking out on the street, on buses or trains. If you have ever purchased a book from Amazon, it doesn't have to be my book, you can also post a review of my book HERE. Every little helps and is gratefully appreciated.

The person who bought the 1000 copy was David B from West Sussex, UK, who kindly sent me a photograph of him holding the 1000th copy of my book. Thank you David.

1000th Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar sold

David B holding the 1000th copy of LOST TOMB OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR sold

2000th copy of LOST TOMB OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR now sold

Praise for Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar by Ben Hammott


"Hello Ben. I just finished reading your book in January. I am very impressed with it and it was probably my favorite read of 2008! I have been following Bruce and his documentary for about a year and a half now, and was very excited to hear that you were writing a book on the bloodline topic, and your findings in Rennes le Chateau. I think the photos included in your book made me understand the findings in more detail, good job. It was very well written, and I thouroughly enjoyed your sense of humor thoughout the book, regardless of the seriousness of the topic. It truly is an incredible journey you have been on, and I hope it is not the end for you. Congratulations on your findings, on your book, and everything else, and best wishes for you and your discovery in the future." ( Josh Speers)


"Hi Ben! Just finished the book, and i must say that i am quite amazed. As a reader of the RLC mystery for several years, i not affraid to say, that your discoveries gives the mystery a whole new dimension. A journey filled with excitement!" (HD - Denmark)


"I was a skeptic, and then I read your book, I am a skeptic no longer. I absolutely loved the book and your writing style. What an exciting quest you have been on and thank you for sharing it." (DW Canada)


"Hi Ben, I just finished your book, I love it, fascinating & fun." (JG)


"Loved the book. Very interesting and very easy to read. The 100's of photo really brought the story alive. I bought your book, Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar, after watching the Bloodline movie and boy am I glad I did. It fills in a lot of stuff not included or just hinted at by the movie. The clue solving was amazing. Great stuff Ben. You get 10/10 from me. (ST UK)


"I've found your book to be very informative and entertaining. I enjoy very much the way you have told your story." (Mario-Austrailia)


"...very interesting... I recommend this book to anyone interested in the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery." (LH-USA)


"Congratulations! Absolutely amazing! I love it! Well done Ben, well done!" (Holger - Germany)


"... one of the best books I have read in many a year... It is always a good sign that I didn’t want to put the bloody thing down... it was like I was also there on your journey, experiences and discoveries. So I would just like to thank you in a big way as been waiting for something like this for many a year, well since I read The Holy Blood and Holy Grail." (Ali New Zealand)


"One of the best books I have read...Beg, borrow or buy this book... you will not be disappointed". (Alan Scott)


"Great book, buy it!" (Shadowfox)


"Fantastic book, well done Ben." (T.P)

Bérenger Saunière's 33 Rennes-le-Château Postcards

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33 Cartes Postale l’Abbé Saunière.

Postcard Album Feedback

"Another excellent publication Ben. I found the old photographs of the Saunière estate especially interesting as they show how it looked when Saunière was alive." (CB - UK)

"Thanks Ben. Super fast postage, did you send them by jet? :) Great quality photos and an invaluable edition to my Rennes-le-Chateau book collection." (FD - USA)

"I had seen a few of Sauniere's Rennes-le-Chateau postcards before, so when I saw you were selling a book with the whole collection in, I had to buy it. What a super collection. I just ordered your Rennes-le-Chateau guide book and am looking forward to receiving it." (HS - USA)

"Hi Ben, just received your postcard book. Fantastic! Thank you for publishing these postcards, I have been wanting to see the complete set for sometime now. I have brought all of your books so far and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. The pics in your guide book were great, a lot better than the ones I took in the Rennes-le-Château church. Well done Ben. What's next?" (Diane -UK)

"Hello Mr Hammott, Loved your Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar book, loved your Rennes-le-Chateau guide book, and guess what? I loved your 33 postcard book also. 10/10 Can't wait to read your new book, Beginnings. ps - please feel free to use this as feedback."   (NotaTemplar - Scotland)

Thanks to everyone who has purchased the Postcard book, and thank you also for permission to use your quotes, Ben


33 Cartes Postale l’Abbé Saunière Album - The special introductory price is £10.95 (RRP is £19.95)

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Thanks to everyone who has purchased my publications and thank you also for permission to use your quotes

The new book by Ben Hammott (Fiction)


new book BEGINNINGSby Ben Hammott (Fiction

The new book BEGINNINGSby Ben Hammott (Fiction) is now availible More info here

Click HERE to read preview chapters of  BEGINNINGS and excerpts from the PRIEST'S SECRET